Business Growth services from industry experts

Creating a successful, profitable business to support your lifestyle is the dream of many business owners and entrepreneurs.

Frequently, those dreams can be frustrating, or worse fail when a company reaches its ceiling of natural financial ability or experience.

And that’s where you can turn to Bell Anderson and use us to simply advise you and your team or, if required, act as your ‘virtual’ Finance Director – only without the recruitment costs, holidays, sick days, time spent training, software costs and of course desk space.

You can think of us as a ‘safe pair of hands’, an experienced goalkeeper you can rely on whatever the challenge. In practice, you’ll have a highly qualified accountant to advise, mentor and encourage you in all matters financial: to help you focus on working ‘on’ your business rather than working ‘in’ it:  to offer opinions drawn from years of experience.

Here are just a few of the Added Value services we can provide:

The Board Room

Regular meetings where we review and discuss your management accounts and key numbers as if we were members of your board.


Our Benchmarking Service measures your business against others in your industry and highlights any strengths or weaknesses as a starting point for developing and fine-tuning your business improvement action plan.

Your Personal Balance Sheet

How much are you worth? This key report provides an instant snapshot of your personal wealth – an important starting point for long-term legacy planning.

Systems Review

Review your current accounting systems and suggest recommendations for improvement.

Business Plans

If you need a Business Plan we can prepare an impressive, comprehensive report that ‘ticks all the boxes’ as for banks and other sources of finance, including marketing, finance, staffing, cashflow forecast, profit forecast etc.

In these difficult economic times, these management services act as an ‘early-warning’ system - a barometer of business peaks and troughs that will help you and your staff manage the business in the most effective way.