Our flexible payment plan helps you to spread your accountancy costs over the whole year,

  • No hidden costs
  • Spread the cost on a monthly basis
  • Other payment options are available

Bell Anderson offers a bespoke 3-tier package system based on our unique menu pricing system:

Classic – Compliance

Premium – Compliance and Planning

Premium Plus – Compliance and Business Growth and Development

Our award winning ‘Performance Measurement & Improvement’ service (or PMI as we like to call it) offers a complete and refreshing approach to accountancy for our clients.

We deliver PMI to turn traditional accountancy on its head. Why? Because we believe by helping you make your business work better, you will have fewer problems, less hassle, a shorter working week, you will get your life back, spend more time with your family and have more time for other passions and interests.

Above all we aim to make business fun!!

Our PMI packages are tailored to deliver the figures, with differing levels of support to suit your budget and requirements. All are designed to give you peace of mind, whether you are looking to manage your company finances or your own personal accounts.

By making sure that your accounts are all in working order and producing the best results possible, Bell Anderson can help you achieve your personal and business aims.

Want to discover exactly how we do this? Get in touch to find out about our exclusive 8-step system, or discuss your accounts.